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Use Almonds To Lose Weight

Almonds: Amazing Nuts For Weight Loss

Many people avoid nuts like almonds when they want to lose weight, thinking they are too high in calories. But nuts are little powerhouses of nutrition and getting a good variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients into your diet is precisely what is needed to help diminish the carbohydrate cravings that lead to tiredness and weight gain.
Most nuts are also rich in healthy fats that provide high levels of satiety, that feeling of fullness that eliminates hunger and will keep you satisfied with what you’ve eaten for much longer than a grain-based ‘low-fat’ snack. Additionally, slow digesting nuts provide a much more sustained type of energy than the rush and fall of simple carbohydrate based energy.

“That makes the food with low glycemic index more effective in preventing overeating and is a healthier option for people suffering from diabetes,” says Professor Richard Mathis University of Indiana, who was doing the research. He said that participants who took breakfast with whole almonds, feel fuller longer and was registered lower concentration of glucose in the blood after breakfast and lunch, compared to those who did not have a low-glycemic breakfast.
Also it is important to intake enough calories for a balanced diet, moderate amounts of foods with low glycemic index such as almonds for breakfast, can reduce the amount of food that people need to eat to feel full and to help them to reduce or to maintain their weight.
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