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How to Cure Varicose Veins with Help of Tomatoes

Have you ever considered treating your varicose veins with tomatoes?  We give you two natural ways of treating varicose veins with green and ripe tomatoes.This is a super simple home remedy that will improve your condition significantly.
Wash and slice a few green tomatoes. Put the slices directly on the nodes and the vein capillary nodes. Secure the nodes with a bandage. Keep the tomato slices on until you feel some tingling on your skin.
If the tingling sensation is uncomfortable for you, remove the slices as soon as they start burning your skin. Rinse with cold water.
If the treatment works for you without any problems, you should soon notice some improvement. Repeat the treatment five times a day, preferably one after another.
Within two weeks the nodes will start decreasing, and eventually the capillary network, nodes, all the swelling and pain will disappear.
Ripe red tomatoes can also give some great results in the treatment of varicose veins.
Red tomatoes
The same instructions go for red tomatoes as well. Wash and slice the tomatoes. Put the slices on the affected area for 3-4 hours. Secure with a bandage. Replace the used slice with a new one. For optimal results, do the treatment in the evening or at night.
Do the treatment as long as you consider it is good. Do it during the whole summer, and you can also combine ripe and green tomatoes.
Tomatoes have strong healing properties, thanks to the healthy substances concentrated in their seeds. Tomatoes also contain a substance that has the same effect as aspirin. This acid is an anticoagulant and it thins blood, and thus prevents blood clotting. Tomatoes are rich in flavonoids that strengthen the walls of the blood vessels.
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