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Delicious And Healthy Yogurt Diet

Before the girl who decided to lose a couple of pounds, the question arises: using a diet? They are such a great band, and choose effective very difficult. From the list of possible diets would like to highlight yoghurt diet.
What sets it apart from the others? This diet is safe for your health. If you choose to live a healthy lifestyle and keep your body in balance, then it will have by the way. Diet can lose up to 5 pounds in a week. A definite plus yogurt diet is that it is “delicious.” The key here is that you need to use only natural yoghurt. Any shops “parody” can contribute to unwanted results.

For diet, you will need:
  • Four or five meals – 500 gr. Yoghurt;
  • Fresh fruit, preferably citrus and / or apples (sweet fruit immediately excluded);
  • For lunch or dinner must be in addition to yogurt to add lean meat no more than 100 grams. And summer salad (cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs);
  • Of liquid: limited to black and green tea, drinking mineral water; highest amount of fluid per day should not exceed 1.5 liters;
  • In between the “main course” you can drink freshly squeezed fruit juices containing iron and vitamin C (abuse such juices should not be, because they are very high in calories).

Juices you can buy in the store, after making sure that they are free of preservatives and dyes. If you make the juice yourself, then it should be diluted with cool boiled water (1: 2). Pay attention to the pomegranate juice, it is most suitable for this diet, and you can take a little after any meal. Before meals is recommended to drink half a cup of unsweetened tea. Of these fruits you can make salads and fill them with yogurt.
It is worth noting that people who are allergic to these products, or disease of the gastrointestinal tract, use yoghurt diet can not. If you her health does not prohibit, the two weeks of your life you can devote fruit and yogurt. This period should be limited. Undergo re you can only after two or three months.
Sample menu diet days:
  • Breakfast includes: half a cup of diluted juice (preferably pomegranate), yogurt with pieces of dried fruit, not more than half a cup of hot unsweetened tea;
  • At lunch: the above-described tea, soup (yogurt, cucumber, chopped fresh herbs, olive oil), 100 gr. Boiled meat, salad summer, seasoned with lemon juice;
  • In mid-morning snack: yogurt with fruit or vegetables (in the second case, you should add the mustard and chopped vegetables), mineral water;
  • At dinner (for 3.5-4 hours before bedtime): tea, steamed vegetables, filled with yogurt, pomegranate juice (diluted).
For greater efficiency juices can also be deleted as diluted vitamins reduced. And the rest of yoghurt diet for weight loss has only positive things.
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