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Garlic Soup – A 100 Times More Efficient Than Any Antibiotics

Nowadays, most of us are very well aware about the bad side of the common usage of antibiotics (even though there are still some exceptions). But in the first half of the previous century, when they first began to be used massively by the general population, antibiotics were actually hailed and praised as (almost) miraculous remedy that is able to cure men from all sorts of difficult and dangerous diseases.
After the antibiotics, the mortality rate of deaths caused by pneumonia and other inflammatory diseases started to drop significantly. And over the years, people started to use (and abuse) the antibiotics for every other disease which seemed to be more serious, which was followed by certain side effects that became a cause for other health disorders.
Besides medicine, other branches that began using antibiotics much more than ‘normal’, are meat and dairy industries, and this was a cause for numerous and  serious health problems. I will give you one simple example: Apart from destroying the bad bacteria, antibiotics also kill the healthy cells from the entire digestive system, which leads to various problems with digestion.
The rise of the so called “superbugs” is even more serious, because due to the massive use of antibiotics, they have become resistant, and now it is very difficult to kill them with the common products from the modern medicine.
And that is why we must return to the traditional (or folk) medicine, that uses mostly natural remedies, and one of the most effective is our subject of interest in today’s article – garlic, or more precisely, garlic soup. It is one of the best and most efficient natural solutions for numerous and various problems, especially with infection.
The garlic soup can become your best ‘friend’ in solving different health problems, mostly because it is taking a full advantage from the numerous antibiotic properties, both from the garlic and the onions. The usage of these vegetables dates, can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt and Babylon.
They can/should be combined with the thyme, which is also full with volatile oils, that has many medicinal properties that are effectively killing various viruses and bacteria. And when they are being combined in a soup, it becomes very powerful remedy.
Here is the most simple and common way to prepare good, tasty and effective soup.

Garlic Soup Recipe

You need two dice of red onions, two tablespoons of butter, fifty peeled garlic cloves, one tablespoon olive oil, four tablespoons freshly gathered thyme, one cup of sour cream, six cups of chicken stock, and three cups of bread crumbs.

First, you should preheat the oven up to 350 degrees, and in the meantime, you are spreading the garlic cloves in half on a tin foil sheet, sprinkling them with olive oil, and afterward you are wrapping it all up. You will put the wrapped admixture on a baking sheet and bake it between 60 to 90 minutes.
When it is done, you will let it cool at room temperature, and you will make another mixture from the two tablespoons of olive oil and butter, and you’ll warm it up until it melts, then you are adding the chopped red onion and cook it for about ten minutes.
When the garlic is cool, you will grind it in a preheated saucepan, where you’ve already placed the onions and the thyme. Then you are adding the bread crumbs and cook it for seven minutes more, pour it into a blender and blend it, return it back into the pot and finally, you will add the sour cream, along with salt and pepper.
You will get an incredibly tasty and highly beneficial soup, which is very easy for digestion and will help you in treatment of different infections and other inflammatory problems. A perfect natural antibiotic that will replace a great number of pharmaceutical drugs that are bad for your health.
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