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Plant that Successfully Purifies the Blood

Miraculous Lilac: A plant that successfully purifies the blood, cures the liver, fever, kidney stones, high blood pressure and a number of psychological problems!
One of the most recognizable and spring herb – lilac flower which hides a lot of healing properties in their flowers, leaves and stalk and is a very popular plant in homeopathy.
The lilac homeland is the Balkan Peninsula. As a flower, the lilac is favorite in Christianity during Easter. In their rituals is used in exorcism, reincarnation, fortune-telling, clairvoyance, and as psychophysical protection. For a treatment is used the flower, the leaf, the bark and the bark shell seeds.

Healing properties:

  • For the treatment of rheumatic diseases, especially rheumatism and nerves
  • For the treatment of rush of blood to the liver, which is very important to prevent necrosis of liver cells.
  • For the treatment of digestive problems such as diarrhea
  • For the treatment that is the removal of intestinal nematodes.
  • To treat malaria, and to reverse malaria with symptoms of fever accompanied with chills and high fever.
  • The leaves are used to treat fever and mouth disease in children, liver congestion (congestion of the soft tissue), digestive system problems such as bowel (indigestion and bowel movements, diarrhea), for respiratory problems (cough, bronchitis), increased body temperature, kidney stones, high blood pressure.
  • The flowers are used to treat skin conditions such as rashes, burns (leaves cook until the water turns black, and the infusion of tea used for lining), cuts, abrasions and various skin impurities especially in facial care (we cook the flowers in milk and put the compresses on the face), problems with the digestive system and respiratory symptoms (cough, bronchitis), such as constipation or bloating, neuralgia, eye problems (glaucoma – a compress on the eyes) and so on.
The literature mentions the use of flowers in magic rituals, for protection, cleaning – purification of the house, rooms – and they used the fragrant flowers in order to drive away the evil spirits and also bring positive energy, blessings of life as a harbinger of joy and gift of life, etc.

The oil from the lilac flowers is known as a national asset massage and treatment of rheumatism and neuralgia nerve.
In aromatherapy is used for emotional and spiritual balance and to strengthen the sensuality of treating depression.
Lilac flowers can be eaten raw, in small quantities because eating tighten can dry out the mucous membranes of the mouth. The most famous dish is when you dip the herb into the batter for pancakes and you fried in oil. Also the lilac herbs are an excellent addition to mixed spring flower salad of wild edible plants.
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