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13 Easy Yoga Poses To Flush Stress Hormones From Your Body

Nowadays, stress is a regular part of our everyday lives; hence, it significantly affects our activities, emotions, and skills. However, a lot of people have found a solution for this stress-yoga. This technique teaches how to relax and calm the body and mind and achieve balance of the two. Therefore, we offer you several poses that reduce stress and offer inner peace.
These 13 poses will help you achieve calm and reduce the amount of anxiety and stress you are feeling.
  1. Child’s pose

Kneel on the mat with the legs together, sitting back on the heels
Hinge forward and put the chest on the thighs, the forehead on the floor
Curl your shoulders forward and rest the hands, palms up, next to the feet. Hold 5 breaths.
This pose will quiet your mind and reduce the stress and it also benefits the nervous and lymphatic system.
  1. Bridge pose

Lay on your back, bend the knees and place feet flat on the floor, hips wide apart, slide the arms alongside the body with palms facing down
Press the feet into the floor and inhale, lift your hips and roll the spine off the floor while keeping the hips width apart.
Press into the arms and shoulders to life the chest and engage the buttocks and legs in the hips lifting.
Hold for 4 to 8 breaths, than release and exhale, roll the spine back to the floor.
This pose gently stretches the back and legs, thus reducing the anxiety, fatigue, stress, insomnia, headaches and may help you get rid of high blood pressure.
  1. Standing Forward bend

From standing, exhale forward and bend your knees enough to bring the palms flat to the floor with your head pressed against the legs
Feel the spine stretch in opposite directions as your head pulls down and in, then press the hips up and strengthen the legs to deepen the stretch
Hold for 4 to 8 breaths, then bend the knees, inhale with the arms out to the sides and then raise the arms and torso back to standing position.
  1. Eagle pose

Begin standing with arms at sides
Bend the knees, balance on the right foot and cross the left thigh over right, then hook top of left foot behind right calf; balance for one breath
Extend the arms straight in front of the body and drop the left arm under the right
Bend your elbows, raise the forearms perpendicular to the floor, and wrap the arms and hands, pressing the palms together
Square the hips and chest to the front wall and draw your belly in and up
Gaze at the tips of your thumbs
Hold up for one minute, then gently unwind your arms and legs; repeat on opposite side
This pose improves focus and balance and relieves your from tension in the shoulders, legs, and the back.
  1. Corpse pose

Lie flat on the back with your legs together but not touching, the arms at sides with palms up.
Keep your eyes closed and the face relaxed and breathe in and out deeply.
Hold position for 3 to 5 minutes.
This pose relaxes your body and it can trigger a state of deep rest which will slow down your breathing, lower the blood pressure and it will quiet the nervous system.
  1. Extended Triangle Pose

Begin from standing, than exhale, spread the legs and place them 4 feet from each other
Stretch out your arms sideways with palms facing down
Turn your right foot out at a 90-degree angle; turn the left foot in toward the right
Tighten your thigh muscles, turn the right thigh outward
Bend the body from hips toward right leg
Twist the body to left, both sides need to remain long
Push the left hip forward while lengthening the tailbone toward the heel
Keep your right hand on the ankle, shin, or the floor, and stretch the left arm towards the sky
Straighten your head or turn it to the left
Hold position for 30 seconds
This pose is a great stress reliever and a great stretcher. Moreover, it improves the digestion and lowers the symptoms of anxiety, sciatica and osteoporosis.
  1. Legs up the wall pose

Sit with the hips against the wall and roll onto your back, putting the legs up the wall
You need to press your bottom as much as possible to the wall and hold for 5 minutes.
Important to know: Avoid this pose if you have glaucoma.
This pose is good because it renews the blood and lymph drainage back into the heart area.
  1. Puppy pose

Begin with all four and the shoulders over wrists, hips over knees, and the tops of your feet need to be relaxed down on the mat
Walk the hands out slowly, lowering the chest toward the groups; meanwhile keep the hips over the knees and arms, shoulders distanced apart, and gently release forehead to the ground.
Press down the palms and lift the elbows and forearms away from the ground and draw your shoulder blades onto your back and reach the hips up toward the ceiling.
Relax your neck; lengthen your spine in both directions
Maintain the pose for 5 to 10 breath and then gently lift your forehead and walk the palms back toward the body, returning to all four.
This pose helps slouching of the shoulders due to stress.
  1. Cat pose

Begin on all fours, exhale and then draw your belly to the spine
Round back to the ceiling
Release head crown toward the floor, but do not force the chin to chest
This pose soothes and also stretches the lower part of the back and massages the spine.
  1. Dolphin pose

Begin on all fours, lower the forearms to the floor, tuck the toes under and lift the hips toward the ceiling
Place the hands shoulder width apart with the fingers widespread
Press the forearms, fingers, and palms into the floor and press the hips up and back while maintaining the spine straight
Keep feet width apart with toes forward and press the heels into the floor
This pose is great for stretching of the shoulders, neck, and spine.
  1. Easy pose

Extend the legs in front of the body and sit straight, cross the legs at the shins
With the knees wide, place each foot beneath the opposite knee and fold the legs in a toward torso
Place the hands on the knees, with the palms down
Balance weight evenly, align the head, neck, and spine, and then gaze ahead with soft eyes
Hold the pose for 1 minute and then release and change the cross of the legs.
This pose is very useful for achieving inner peace and it also opens up the hips, and increases serenity.
  1. Cow pose

Start on all fours and inhale as the belly drops toward the mat.
Lift your chin and chest, gaze in the ceiling
Broaden the shoulder blades and draw the shoulders away from the ears.
This pose is great because it gently warms the spine, reduces stress and massages the organs, thus creating emotional balance.
  1. Head to knee forward bend

Start with legs extended
Bend left leg; bring the foot sole to the upper inside of the right thigh, left knee needs to be rested on the floor
Place both of the hands on either side of the right leg and then inhale, turning toward the extended leg
Exhale and fold forward
Hold for 5 breaths and repeat on the other side.
This pose is great for calming the brain, relieving mild depression, anxiety, headache, etc.
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