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This is Why You Have Bloated Stomach and How to Get Rid of Bloating and Lose Weight Overnight!

Imagine that someone tells you that there is a bacterium that has contaminated two thirds of the population in the world. You probably wouldn’t believe them. But, there is an intestinal bacterium that causes complicated situations in people’s life.

Have you heard about H. Pylori, or Helicobacter pylori? In case you haven’t heard about it, you’re not to blame. This is an intestinal bacterium with no symptoms and that is why it is hard to notice that you are infected without proper medical examination.
How can you tell?
The signs of helicobacter pylori infection are pretty unpleasant: bloating, esophageal reflux, diarrhea, burping, flatulence, heartburn, upper and mid stomach torment and constipation. Many people cannot relate these symptoms to this bacterium. People usually think that these signs are common capacities of the body.
Helicobacter Pylori is the standard source of gastritis, an irritation of the stomach lining. The bacterium is responsible for 90 percent of the duodenal ulcer cases and 80 percent of every case of gastric ulcer. Also, this bacterium causes some diseases that aren’t even related to the digestive system, like cardiovascular issues, Raynaud’s sickness (damaged blood circulation in the feet and hands) and headaches.
Very often Helicobacter Pylori causes anxiety and depression. This is confirmed by the fact that this bacterium causes lack of serotonin in the brain. This also explains the fact that many people who have this bacterium feel uncomfortably in public when the bacterium is floating in them.
It can happen to you
Sometimes managing a problem like this one can be hard, particularly when you are not aware that you have this bacterium. It lives in the stomach lining of people and animals. This isn’t very often connected to issues like stress and depression. However, the bacterium has some strange ways to change your feelings without giving you the opportunity to doubt anything.
Helicobacter Pylori can be transmitted by contaminated water or food. It can be even done by fecal matter. If people prepare your food and they don’t wash their hands prior to that, you are in great risk of Helicobacter Pylori. Before you eat in some restaurant, we recommend that you check first the hygienic conditions and the cleanliness. This goes for your home as well.
What would you be able to do about it?
The Helicobacter Pylori has been properly irradiated in more than 80 percent of the cases. Use of anti-infection agents is also quite important. You should ask for your doctor’s advice about which medicines you should use. Most frequently antibiotics are not required, but still, it is recommendable to pay it some kind of medical attention.
One of the most important things for preventing this bacterium is your everyday diet. It should include great amounts of vitamins A, E and C, as well as zinc, because these are some of the ingredients that protect the lining of your stomach. Also, probiotics are of great help, such as bifidobacterium and lactobacillus.
The original source of Helicobacter Pylori is still unknown and a real mystery. However, some suggestions for maintaining a tactical distance from this problem exist. Some of them are drinking water from a safe source as well as taking care for the hygiene all the time, like cleanliness of your hands for example.
If you think you are threatened by Helicobacter Pylori, you should consult your doctor and ask for a detailed examination. You don’t need to listen to guesses when it comes to your health, especially if that health aspect includes your social and your work life.
How can you be protected the best? One way of prevention is if you make this beverage and consume it on a regular basis, so that you’re ensured that you will be safe, as well as energetic and lighter.
Required ingredients:
-1 lemon
-1 cucumber
-a bunch of parsley, or cilantro
-1 tablespoon of juice made of aloe Vera
-1 tablespoon of grated ginger
-half a glass of water
This beverage is very easy to make, as it is easy to consume. Take all ingredients, put them together and mix them well. After that, it is ready to be consumed.
How does it work?
After you drink even a glass of this drink, you will notice a difference. Your belly fat is going to become reduced. These ingredients, when combined, improve your digestion system and accelerate the process of burning fat, even when you sleep. The digestion of the food you consume is accelerated to the extent that even when you sleep, it is at its full speed.
Fat burning properties for each ingredient:
Cucumbers are proved to burn fat and that’s why they’re part of any health improvement diet.
Parsley and cilantro contain very low amount of calories and are stacked with cell reinforcements, as well as minerals and vitamins that help in the easement of retention of water, which guarantees reducing of the bloating in the stomach area.
Ginger is good for accelerating of the metabolism and it prevents constipation. It is one of the ingredients that burn fat even while you sleep.
Lemon juice and lemons in general are very beneficial and they help your body get rid of the toxins which are accumulated in it.
Aloe Vera juice, besides its other benefits, it is very useful for losing weight.
Stay Hydrated: Drink Lots of Water
Consuming sufficient quantities of water is essential for burning calories. If you have lack of water in your body and it faces absence of hydration, them the digestive system is being slowed down and it doesn’t use its full capacity for burning calories and fat.
Drink sufficient amounts of water and help your body to improve its general condition, as well as the digestion system.
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