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This Is Why You Need To Eat Kiwi Every day!

Kiwis are so underrepresented on the health scene that it seems as if no one thinks they are particularly healthy and beneficial. The reason may be because they’re small, but don’t let their size fool you, they pack a long list of benefits and are good for your overall health. Everyone should try and include kiwi more in their diet and here’s why:

Perfect complexion
Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and vitamin C is the skin’s best friend. It nourishes the skin’s collagen and also has antioxidant properties which help protect your skin from pollution and sun damages. Eating kiwi every day will iron out all the wrinkles and give you a better skin texture. Start eating kiwi right now if you want to exploit its skin benefits.

Better Eyesight

One of the main reasons why kiwi is good for your eyes is because it contains a phytochemical called lutein. Lutein is a carotenoid vitamin which protects our sight from age related blindness, as well as from free radical damages. Lutein is very important for our eye health because our body cannot synthesize as much of this vitamin as we need. Eat more kiwis and don’t worry about your eye sight.

Lowers blood pressure

If the potassium levels are low while the sodium levels are high in your system it puts you at increased risk of developing high blood pressure. Kiwis are here to come to your rescue because they contain high levels of potassium which can help you counteract the negative effects of sodium.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reports that less than 2% of all adults in the USA ingest the daily recommended dose of potassium, which is 4700mg. If your potassium levels are high enough you lower your risk of premature death from any cause by 20%.

Cardiovascular health

As we already mentioned, kiwi is rich in potassium, but it’s also rich in fiber, both of which improve our cardiovascular health. When it comes to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases increasing the potassium intake is the best way to go, while reducing the sodium intake.

Diet rich in potassium can also reduce your risk of stroke, muscle mass loss, it can preserve your bone mineral density and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Prevents Constipation
If you suffer from constipation you might want to start consuming more kiwi, it has a mild laxative effect and can help you with this problem. It’s been especially helpful for the elderly who suffer from frequent constipation. Eating kiwi on a regular basis will stimulate a softer and more frequent stool.

Protection against Asthma

Respiratory conditions like wheezing and asthma can be greatly alleviated by adding more vitamin C to your diet, and kiwi is one of the best ways to do it. Several studies have supported this claim.

According to a study published in Thorax, which involved more than 18,000 children, ages from 6-7, those who added the most citrus and kiwi fruit to their diet (at least 5-7 servings per week), decreased their incidence of wheezing by 44%, when compared to the subjects who consumed the least, or less than once per week.

The following symptoms had improved in the subjects who ate kiwi almost every day: severe wheezing was reduced by 41%, shortness of breath by 32%, runny nose by 28%, night time cough by 27% and chronic cough by 25%. The subjects suffering from asthma at the beginning of the study were shown to benefit the most, and the positive effects were noticeable even when children consumed fruit once or twice per week.

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