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Your Body Shape Reveals How Healthy You Are

Certain diseases show their appearance by some signs which many of us don’t notice. Such signs may also be the waist’ size, the amplitude of the arms and legs, the proportions of all body parts etc. In the text below, we will write about the above mentioned signs and show you their importance.

Length of the fingers
Women who’s point finger is shorter than the finger ring, have two times more chances to get osteoarthritis in elder age. The same size of the fingers is often seen at men. In women it shows lower levels of estrogen that slows down the appearance of bone diseases. To stop this, people with these characteristics should take exercises regularly and have the recommended intake of calcium.
Women in their twenties that have bras in D size, have 1 ½ more chances to get diabetes type 2 than the ones that have smaller breasts, showed a study made by the Canadian Journal of Medical association. It is explained that the fat tissue in the breasts is hormonally sensitive, so it influences the insulin resistance. The diabetes can be stopped by keeping a healthy body weight, balanced food and physical activity.
People who have shorter legs should take more care about the condition of their liver, as advised by the British experts. They discovered that the women who’s legs are 50 to 73 cm long at average, have bigger values of the liver enzymes that lead to disease of this organ. This condition can be stopped with balanced intake of alcohol and other toxins.

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