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6 Worst Consequences From Chewing Gums

Do you chew gum when you are stressed or nervous? After every meal, because the toothbrush is nowhere near you? It would be great if you stop doing that, and here is why!

Eat less fruit, more fast food
Chewing gum before your meal is recommended, because that way the hunger is reduced and you eat less? Chewing mint flavoured gum effects on the reduced intake of fast food in the organism and increase the desire for fast food like chips or candy.
Chewing gum can cause pain the jaw bones
That can cause symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder, that includes jaw pain connected to the chewing muscles. The overuse of any muscle group can cause pain and problems. It happens the jaw, head and neck muscles to pang, so over the time it can cause headache and pain in the ears and teeth. Instead of chewing gum, eat an apple and at the same time it decreases the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.
It can cause problems in the digestive system
The irritated intestines syndrome is illness which is characterised with pain in the abdomen, stomach pain and changes in the behavior of the intestines. Chewing gum can cause this syndrome, because the air that we swallow causes flatulence and abdomen pain.
It ruins your teeth
To avoid the laxative effect, unnatural sweetener, there are sugar based sweeteners added in the gums, but that has its own negative effect. The gums that are sugar sweetened, surround the teeth with sugar and causes cavity.
Chew byproduct
Lanolin, ingredient that can be found in the skin care products, keeps the gum soft. That doesn’t sound scary until you found out that this ingredient is made of the sheep’s sebaceous gland secretion. The amount of lanolin, used in the chewing gums is not harmful for the health, but it can be unpleasant if its swallowed.
Put mercury in your organism
Tooth seals contain a combination of mercury, silver and tin. Researches proved that gums may release the mercury from the seal and go in the organism. The high level of mercury in the organism can cause neurological problems, chronic illnesses and mental disorder. Fortunately, the small amount that is released from the seals is not that harmful, because it moves quickly through the digestive system. But anyway – do you like the idea of having metal in your organism?

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