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8 Crucial Kidney-Failure Symptoms That Most People Ignore!

We all know how kidneys are important for our body. They are located just beneath the rib cage. They process 120-150 quarts of blood daily. Thanks to the kidneys, our body is able to function and maintain the blood normalized. They disable the accumulation of extra fluids and waste in the organism. When keeping the electrolyte levels normalized, they maintain the bones firm and produce red blood cells and control blood pressure.

Once the kidneys suffer some damage, your health and even your life will be in great danger. If you like to have strong and healthy body, you should know how to recognize the symptoms of kidney damage. The most usual symptoms of kidney damage may include:
  1. Swelling
Your kidneys aren’t capable to eliminate the extra fluids in the organism if they aren’t functioning well, which could result with swelling in the face, hands, feet, legs and ankles. The failing kidneys may cause sudden swelling.
  1. Changes in Urination
This could be one of the first warning signs of kidney failure:
–         You may have difficulty urinating and feel pressure
–         Your urine is bloody
–         You may urine may be dark and you will urinate small amount of urine or less      often
–         You may urinate with pale urine in larger amounts or more often
–         Your urine may be bubby or foamy
–         You may have need to urinate in the middle of the night
3.Skin Rash
The accumulation could lead to skin rash or severe itching if the kidneys are unable to eliminate the waste from the blood. The waste accumulations in the blood will make the skin irritated and dry. You may treat the surface of your skin with creams, but this will not solve your kidney problem.
  1. Fatigue
Healthy kidneys produce the hormone erythropoietin or also known as EPO. This hormone is responsible for the creation of red blood cells that transport the oxygen. Once the kidneys are damaged, there are less red blood cells which will transport the oxygen. This will result with less energy in your muscles, which will eventually lead to anemia.
  1. Shortness of Breath
This condition can be caused by kidney damage. Your body will starve of oxygen because there will be less red blood cells to transport the oxygen, which is caused by extra fluid accumulation in your lungs.
  1. Metabolic Taste in the Mouth
Once the waste builds up in the blood, the food may start to taste differently and your breath may get stinky. This could be a sign of kidney damage.
  1. Pain
Pain in the upper back or on the same side as the damaged kidney could be result of damaged kidney. Spasms and strong pain are often caused by kidney stones or kidney infections.
  1. Trouble Concentrating and Dizziness
Kidney damage is also related with the lack of oxygen that gets to the brain. This could make the concentration quite difficult. You may also feel dizziness and have a problems with your memory.
You should eat food rich in antioxidants and nutrients if you like to keep your kidneys healthy. Watch the video below and learn which foods will be beneficial for your kidney health:
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