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How To Get Rid Of The Pain In The Heels…

Calcare calcanei is bump of the bone patch and usually appears after chronic mechanical overload which appears as a result of the irritation while walking, becoming inflamed and becomes painful. Older people and those who have stand too much at work are most vulnerable. It is manifested with strong pain in the middle of the heel.

The painful symptoms manifest in the morning after the first steps while getting up from the bed or after sitting for longer period of time. The pain appears in the heel or on its internal part. The pain is very strong and it feels like there is a knife inside your heel.
People claim that they were more successful in treating this condition with the traditional medicine than with those creams and ointments from the pharmacies, which only reduce the symptoms. One of the simplest ways to treat the heel pain is slowly and few times per day to knock it on the floor. This will allow you to improve the circulation, the metabolism of the calcium and disable the accumulation of salts.
How to get rid from the pain:
Potatoes wrap – this wrap can reduce the string pain. You should wash the potatoes well and blend them in your blender, along with their peel. Put the resulting composition in gauze and apply it on the painful heel. Fix it with plastic bag and wear socks. Change the wrappings every day. This treatment lasts for one week.
Honey and salt wrap – combine honey and salt in even amounts and apply the mixture on the painful heel. Put a piece of gauze and fix it with plastic bag. Wear socks. This treatment lasts for 10 days. You will feel that the pain is relieved after the third treatment. It will completely disappear within 10 days.
Healing tincture with aspirin – crumple 10 aspirin tablets turning them into powder. Pour 250ml of 70% alcohol over it. Leave the mixture to stay for 2 days. Shake the tincture before using it. Apply the wrappings which are first soaked in the tincture on your heel every night. Fix the wrap with plastic bag and wear socks during the night. Rinse and clean your feet in the morning using only water. You can apply greasy cream on your feet as well. This remedy will solve your problems with calluses, cracks and heavy accumulations on your feet. It can heal the sore places at the varicose veins. It can be even helpful for osteochondrosis.

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