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This Herb Will Help You Quit Smoking!

Nicotine is harmful and can be a cause of many illnesses. Smoking is a major problem and often leads to disrupted health causing high blood pressure, lung cancer, cardiac problems, other respiratory issues and many other ailments.

In the United States it is estimated that smoking is a cause of one-third of all cancer deaths and one-fourth of heart attacks.
Estimations are that nearly 350,000 Americans die every year due to smoking. Furthermore numbers show that 40% of smokers die from smoking before they retire.
Stevia is a very healthy plant, and has proven to aid in weight loss, lowers high blood pressure, cures throat inflammation, battles chronic fatigue etc. Recent results show that it also helps to „kill“, the need to light up a cigarette.
Researches, conducted in the USA have showed results that the herb is brilliant and it reduces the need for both cigarettes and alcohol.
This plat can be grown at home. Moreover stevia is known to be a natural sweetener and is an excellent natural healthy substitute for sugar.
Stevia can be consumed in any form you like – powder, juice or tea.
So if smoking or alcohol is a problem you feel hard to quit, try stevia and lose weight at the same time!
Stevia does not require any special conditions, so you can plant it in your own yard.
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