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7 Home Remedies For A Toothache That Will Make The Pain Go Away

It may not be the most interesting topic, but this article will sure bring joy to those who are oftentimes bothered with a severe toothache. It is not a problem of modern times, and historical records show that even cavemen had cavities, but there were not dentists at the time to treat their problem.

But, same as this ache has been here since always, there are particular natural remedies that ‘share the same age’ as the ailment they are meant for. Today, you can find a dentist right at the corner, but some home remedies are still a better option and people would rather go natural than go to a dentist’s office.
Fear may be the main cause of this ‘phenomenon,’ especially when it come to having ‘a drill’ in your mouth. Some people just do not like modern medicine and trust nature. Other just do not have enough time to get their problem treated.
Taking into consideration these facts, we give you 7 amazing home remedies for toothacheyou should always have on hand. Just in case, right?
Clove oil
It is rich in eugenol, a natural anesthetic, which makes it amazing when it comes to relieving toothache. For easier application, apply a few drops of the oil onto a cotton ball, and place it directly on the affected tooth.
Clove oil has the power to cause numbness in the affected area. But, keep in mind that this solution provides only a temporary relief and you may experience a slight pain if it reaches your tongue. Be careful when applying it onto sensitive areas.
Peppermint tea bags
It is the safest way to relieve a toothache, and it also soothes sensitive skin. Peppermint also numbs the area it is applied on. You can use peppermint tea bags in two different ways. Apply a cooled tea bag onto the affected tooth.
Some prefer keeping tea bags in their freezer. Apply a frozen tea bag onto your tooth.
Same as clove oil, peppermint tea bags do not provide a long-lasting relief, and the pain will sure come back within an hour after you remove the tea bag.
First of all, this is a remedy for adults only. Bourbon is not recommended for children, as they may swallow it. Same as any other strong alcohol, bourbon causes numbness instantly.
All you need to do is soak a cotton ball in some bourbon, and apply it onto the affected area. Again, this remedy provides an instant, but temporary relief.
It is one of the most efficient antibiotics you can have. Garlic inhibits bacterial growth that is responsible for that nasty toothache. Mash a garlic clove and some salt, and apply the paste-like mixture onto the tooth.
You can just chew a raw garlic clove, of course, if you can handle its taste. Remember, this is only a temporary remedy for your ache.
Pepper and salt
Salt and pepper have strong antibacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. This is great for your severe toothache.
Combine equal amount of the seasonings, and add just a few drops of water to obtain a smooth paste. Apply it directly onto the throbbing area. Keep the remedy on for several minutes.
Guava leaves
Fresh guava leaves provide anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic effect, which is great for those who deal with severe toothache. Chew a few fresh guava leaves until their juice start relieving your pain.
Guava leaves can be made into an excellent pain-relieving mouthwash. Boil 5 guava leaves and wait until the solution cools at room temperature. For optimal results, stir in some salt.
Vanilla extract
It has some alcohol in it, and we have already explained that alcohol gives a super-instant numbing effect. Moreover, vanilla scent will relax and soothe you.
Apply some of the extract onto a cotton ball, and place it onto the affected tooth. You can also put a few drops of the oil onto your finger, and rub it onto your tooth and gums.
Never ignore a toothache
Although these home remedies provide a great relief, but you have to be careful. You cannot stick to these home remedies only, because the pain does not disappear that easily.
The pain may disappear for a short, but you have to go to your dentist’s and have your teeth checked. Toothache do not occur on its own, and the pain always goes deeper than it seems.
Toothache is commonly caused by cavities, tooth enamel erosion, sinus pressure, bruxism (tooth grinding), inflammation of the tooth pulp, joint disorder, periodontitis, and even hart attach and angina.
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