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You may not have heard about these amazing uses of Vicks Vaporub!

Vicks Vaporub is something we all have seen in our homes since childhood and the strong smell reminds us of our mother applying it on our noses when we had cold or cough. It went well with a glass of hot water and honey.
It is a really old topical cream that is used to take care of head, throat and chest congestion. The main ingredient in the cream is menthol in its most concentrated form. It works wonders on children and is the most popular over-the-counter decongestant.
Here are 10 more amazing uses of Vick Vaporub that will surprise you.

  1. Works as a humidifier
Vicks Vaporub can be used in certain types of humidifiers and vaporizers in order to clean the air and give you a good night of sleep. You need to have a humidifier with an aromatherapy chamber in it, you just need to add a cartridge of Vicks Vaporub and it will spread the Vaporub in the whole room and will make breathing easier for you.
  1. Fights acne and pimples
Every teenager and even adults face the problem of acne. Vicks Vaporub is one of the best treatments for the same. It has active ingredients like eucalyptus and camphor in it. In order to use it, just put a dab of Vaporub over the acne and pimples, cover it with some cotton and Band-Aid overnight. The pimple will shrink noticeably and acne will be gone after few days of regular usage.
  1. Tip for actors
Acting is a serious business and sometimes during a performance actors need to cry and shed tears on specific moments in order to capture the essence of the moment on camera. Now some actors have the gift of doing it naturally. But for those who are not so fortunate, rubbing some Vicks UNDER their eyes can do the trick.
  1. Keeps Insects away
Vicks Vaporub has cedar leaf oil as one of its many contents and it is a natural insect and mosquito repellent. Just rub some Vicks on your clothes and skin before going out in the evening. Apply small amounts behind your knees, ankles, wrists and behind the ears to shoo away the mosquitos.
  1. Provides relief from sore muscles
In order to get relief form sore muscles after a hectic workout or a game of basketball, you just need to rub a layer of Vicks on the affected area and immediately cover it with a warm towel. The active ingredients with emit heat on the affected areas, relieving the pain and soreness.
  1. Heals cracked heels
Rub a thick layer of Vicks on your cracked heels, before going to bed. Wear some old cotton socks, after massaging the feet for 5-7 minutes. Tuck in the feet under a blanket and wash off the Vaporub in the morning with warm water. Continue doing this every night and your heels will be smooth and healthy.
  1. Removes fingernail and toenail fungus
Fungus on fingernails or toenails leads to hardened nails. The continuous thickening might also cause you to lose the toenail. Vicks contains a fungus eating ingredient known as thymol. Rub the Vaporub on the affected toenail twice a day; cover the feet with cotton socks before going to the bed. Keep the nails trimmed and repeat until the fungus is cleared.
  1. Trains pets
Don’t want you pet cats and dogs from entering a certain space? Do you want to stop them from scratching that new couch, then just rub some Vaporub on the couch or at the entrance of the room. Animals are repealed by the strong smell of the menthol in the Vaporub and after 5-6 times, they won’t bother you anymore.
  1. Removes splinters and heals wounds
Vicks is full of menthol, camphor and eucalyptus, three ingredients full of anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. They also increase the speed of healing of wounds. So the next time you get a cut or small wound, just cover it with some Vaporub and cotton and cover it up using a tape.
  1. Helps in reducing the Tennis elbow pain
Vaporub also soothes minor aches and pains of muscles and joints. It can also help you in getting rid of the Tennis elbow pain in no time. Just rub some Vaporub on the elbow and cover it with a gauge. Keep reapplying the Vaporub until the pain stops. The menthol and camphor in the Vaporub heals the Tennis elbow.

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