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How to teach your kids about healthy eating

Plus other fun ways to teach them healthy habits
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Do your little ones know how to make the healthiest food choices at the school tuck shop? According to new research by the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and Medibank, 50 per cent of parents don’t think their kids would know where to start.
Medibank chief medical officer Dr Linda Swan says it’s important to talk to your kids to help them develop healthy lifestyles.
Make time for family meals
“Almost one-in-five primary school children don’t eat dinner around the table with their family regularly,” Swan says. “However, meal times are a great opportunity to talk about what’s on their plate, to encourage them to try new foods, and let them see and hear what other members of the family like to eat.”
Let your kids into the kitchen
Having kids in the kitchen to help you cook for a party is an excellent way to teach them about food. “The compliments they’ll receive from guests is likely to motivate them to be in the kitchen more,” Swans says. “Even simple things such as getting them to fetch ingredients from the fridge, or to clean or peel vegies are all excellent ways to engage them.”
Get their hands dirty
Let them help you plant fruits and vegies in the backyard, or if you don’t have a big space, grow herbs on a sunny windowsill. “Kids will feel proud and excited to eat something they’ve been involved in growing, picking, and cooking themselves,” Swan says.

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