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10 Things You Should Never Put On Your Face! (Number 9 Will Completely Disappoint You)

The internet is full of methods, tips, DIY remedies, including skin care tips. Some of them can actually do more damage than beneficial effects. Many DIY remedies can cause more harm to the skin than boost its health. As we’ve already mentioned above, there are numerous DIY skin products, homemade creams and skin care tips on the Internet today. Today we will present you 10 homemade remedies and ingredients that should be avoided!
1.Body Lotion
This lotion is only designed for the body, not for the face. The skin on the body is more resistant and much thicker. You should know that body lotions often contain lees ingredients that are supposed to moisturize (but more aroma).
Hairspray is included in various home remedies for skin because it dries out the acne and helps with other skin issues. On the contrary, it will also clog the pores and cause irritation of the skin.
This product is often used to moisturize chapped and dry skin. Cuts and bites can be also treated by Vaseline, but you can not apply it to your face. You usually get the feeling like it is softening and moisturizing your skin for the first time, but it actually leads to more dry conditions and pimples.
Most of the people apply toothpaste to their faces in order to dry out the acne. Of course, it will help you to solve your acne issues, but you should also be aware that it also serious skin issues such as scars and chemical burns.
5.Hydrogen Peroxide
This powerful ingredient is often used in the treatment of burns and minor cuts or preventing infection. However, hydrogen peroxide is not good choice for treating acne because it can cause allergic reactions and inflammation.
6.Hot Water
Many people love steamy and hot shower. However, you should be careful because too much hot water removes the protective barrier and softens the natural oils. More dryness can be caused by this.
We all know that alcohol has numerous beneficial effects. But we should also know that it should not be apple to your face. It can be used to prevent infection and sterilize the wound. Alcohol results in dead skin cells because it dissolves the DNA of the skin cells.
Sugar is often consisted in many DIY skin products. As we’ve already mentioned above, your body skin is much more elastic the your facial skin. So, sugar may be beneficial for your feet or body, but it can really damage your facial skin.
We would advise you to not apply lemon onto your face because it can disrupt the pH balance from the face.
10.Baking Soda
This powerful ingredient has a rough consistency and texture which is the greatest reason why most of the people believe that this is ideal ingredient for skin peeling. Keeping the natural pH balance is crucial for beautiful and healthy skin. Baking soda often damages the skin and prevents it being able to retain moisture.
You should definitely avoid these 10 ingredients because they actually do more damage than good.
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