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26 Plants That Repel Mosquitos

First of all, here’s an astonishing bit of trivia: Did you know that the mosquito has caused more human deaths than any other cause since the beginning of time?

What was that about humans being at the top of the food chain? Well, that may be a nice story that we tell ourselves – but I think of it being more like a food cycle – and although we happen to be the largest creature in our particular food cycle, you could say that the mosquito is in fact our most deadly enemy.

It is logical that if certain essential oils have insect repellant properties, then the plants that exude those aromas are going to be insect repellant also.
We’ve discovered a fantastic list of 26 plants that repel mosquitos. The page also lists several other interesting strategies that you can use to dissuade mosquitos from lurking.
The most significant thing to be aware of (in addition to the plants of course) is that mosquitos seek out bodies of still water in which to lay their eggs. So be aware of any places on your property where still water collects. Even a small container with water in it will create a potential breeding ground for the little monsters.

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Here is the link to the original list of 26 mosquito repellent plants:
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