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Can you Find the Mistake in this Picture

The internet is full of surprises and riddles. Whether they come with numbers, words or a picture, they sure are considered a challenge.
And who doesn’t love a good challenge, right? It does not matter if you are at home, or at work, or wherever, these kind of thrills seem to pop up out of nowhere and intrigue us.
Of couse, we open them, see what they’re all about, and if they are fun enough (which they usually are), we try to solve them.

Find the Mistake

One of them is the typical challenge of finding a mistake in a certain picture. This is usually done in cases where there are both pictures presented to you, and you have to find the number of mistakes, or the differences between them. But this time, it is not the case. What happens when you only have one picture to look at?
There is a mistake in this one picture that has become so popular on the internet overnight, it caught the attention of everyone.
And the funny part is, that some people find the mistake in an instant, and others need to take their time to figure it out. There are even some that could just not put their finger on it. But nevertheless, it is quite easy actually.
Take a look at the picture and see if you can find it for yourself. If you cannot face the challenge, then the answer to the mistake is right below.

Well, if you have failed to notice where did everything go wrong, let us give you a little hint – you sure got the numbers right.
Most of the people seem to focus on the numbers and keep reading them, over and over again, but few of them stop and actually read the question, carefully.
Have you found the mistake now? It is so obvious. The word mistake in the question is spelled wrong. There it is, see?
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