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How to Protect Yourself Against Cancer With Food

How would you like to know the foods that can be bought at a local supermarket, which can prevent cancer? Here we will provide you with the most important products that you have to include in your every day menu.

How to Protect yourself From Cancer

How to Protect yourself From Cancer
Avocados – the glutathione which is a compound found in the avocado not only prevent the body from absorbing more fat, but they also prevent the spread of free cancer radicals throughout the entire body.
Carrots – they are excellent weapon against bladder, tongue, lungs, stomach, prostate and breast cancer.
Broccoli – it is excellent when fighting colon cancer, especially because it is a green vegetable. Those vegetables convert the estrogen and the estrogen productive, reducing the risk of cancer.
Kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower – this entire group of vegetables fights off various types of cancer, especially prostate cancer. They can also prevent some types of cancer from spreading any further.
Chili and jalapeno peppers – even though your body burns when you eat them, they are very healthy for you.
Figs – it has been scientifically proven that the figs can shrink a tumor.
Grapefruit – it is not only known as a food for detoxifying the body, but also fights breast cancer.
Garlic – the garlic has multiple properties, such as strengthening the immune system and preventing the spread of cancer. Every person, whether healthy or sick should definitely consume it.
Red grape – this fruit can kill all the cancer enzymes. It is known to be one of the most effective fruits when fighting against cancer.
Orange and lemon – if you start off your days with one of these two fruits you will definitely protect yourself from cancer.
Mushrooms – especially when prepared with garlic, they can instantly improve your health situation.
Nuts – they are considered to be extremely powerful, mostly in the cases when fighting against prostate cancer.
Tea – the tea works as a guard against the cancer cells and furthermore, it slows them down from spreading and growing.
Tomato – because of their richness in Vitamin C, they not only protect the body from the cancer cells but also heal the damaged ones.
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