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Morning Exercises for Healthy Skin You may Not Know

Have you ever wondered why so many athletes look stunning with amazing figures? The rewards of morning exercises go far beyond aiding in weight loss by revamping your body and skin in a unique way that only a few scientists can explain. In reference to Tim Church, MD, PhD, the director of preventative medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Los Angeles, every cell in the body benefits if you engage in a physical activity. For a more incentive reason to lace up your sneakers in the morning, let’s have a look on a few exercises to make you look and feel fantastic.
  1. Cycling
Starting your morning with your feet on the pedals come with great rewards for your skin. In reference to a preliminary research at Ontario’s McMaster University, sedentary volunteers aged 65 and older were put on a three-month exercise program that required them to jog and cycle twice every week at a moderately strenuous pace. Researchers were amazed by the improvements of their skin condition over the course of the program. While New York Times stated that the mechanism behind these skin improvements were not clear, researchers suspected myokines (substances produced by working muscles) played a role. This means no pill, injection or salve can ever replicate the skin benefits that come with a morning jog or biking.
  1. Jumping Jacks
Jumping jacks is Michelle Obama’s favorite exercise that has helped in keeping her skin glowing and radiant. These are great for improving cardiovascular health to ensure that every skin cell gets enough supply of oxygen and nutrients to function at their best. They are also good for toning muscles especially the calves and deltoids. Simply stand with your feet together before jumping and spreading your arms and legs. Go back to the starting position and keep moving! If you are a beginner, start for one minutes and gradually build up to the number you are comfortable working with.Do it in the morning for an enhanced glow for the rest of your day and life!

  1. Pushups

Pushup is one of the best exercises to tone your complexion while detoxifying your body. In reference to Dalton Wong, a celebrity trainer, the key in training to tone your skin is through focusing to increase your lean muscle mass, and resistance exercises like pushups can help in eliminating cellulites. He recommends implementing a circuit routine of any weight bearing exercise involving two to four minutes of cardio activities. However, excessive cardio training may not be ideal if skin toning is your goal, and thus pushups is better because you are working with your own body weight.A few pushups in the morning should form a part of your daily skincare routine!
  1. Stretching
According to Dr. Mercola, the New York Times best-selling author, stretching works hand in hand with your natural physiological makeup to boost circulation while increasing the elasticity of skin and muscles. This enables your skin and body to repair while preparing you for the day’s tasks. You can use various devices that help in stretching, including Power Plate.
  1. Yoga Poses
According to Amy Dixon, a physiologist and celebrity trainer based in Los Angeles, every exercise modality will boost circulation and reduce stress, which are all beneficial to your skin. However, Nixon says that doing a few yoga postures in the morning will give beauty returns in your hair and skin. Yoga poses play significant roles in boosting collagen production which is essential in keeping your skin supple, firm and elastic. In addition, yoga poses entail breathe control that helps in rejuvenating your mind and body for a beautiful and youthful skin. Best yoga poses to try in the morning include headstand, plough pose, bow pose and shoulder stand. These poses promote the flow of blood in to your face for an enhanced look.
Engaging in regular morning exercises come with many benefits for your skin. They improve circulation to ensure that every cell receives nutrients and oxygen. However, stressful workouts in the morning can trigger the production of cortisol, stress hormone, which can wreak havoc on your skin. If your goal is to enhance your appearance, engage in moderates and less strenuous workouts in the morning.
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