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He lost his job, became a prepper, and moved to the Appalachian Mountains

When your world turns upside down, you lose a job, or have some other kind of disaster strike you square in the face, you take stock of where you’re at and what you can do about it. When things seem bleak and it doesn’t look like there’s a way out you may not be looking in the right direction. You may be given an alternative that is far better than the situation that’s striking at the moment.
That’s what happened. He lost his job and had to ask for help (which he didn’t like doing). But the opportunities unfolded to such a degree that he’s actually happier and better off now than before.
He lost his job, became a prepper, and moved to the Appalachian Mountains…
There’s always the possibility of something better happening. Just wait and see. What happened to this writer is just that. He made some decisions that turned out far better. This interesting read came from Prepforshtf where you can read more in detail.

He lost his job, became a prepper, and moved to the Appalachian Mountains

It can be exciting moving to a rural or more sparsely populated area, while at the same time it is normal to feel apprehensive especially if moving from a heavily populated area. As with anything, there are good points and there are of course, bad points, nothing is what it seems however, until you have experienced it firsthand.
The Journey Begins
On December 22nd, 2006 I was awoken by my dog. One of the biggest fears of all homeowners was now a reality for me, my house was on fire. We escaped, thanks to my dog, but the damage exceeded 100,000 dollars, and the dollar loss was only a small part, the emotional toll cannot be calculated.
Reality hurts, and I was not prepared, and who could be in this situation I thought. Disasters do strike, and is there anything any of us can do. That was my thinking at the time anyway. What can we do to be ready, why didn’t I do more. The questions haunt my nights and the answers, well they eluded me at the time, but the questions needed to be answered, there had to be a solution.
Time passed, and the impact lessened somewhat, I still had my job, so all was not a total loss is what I kept telling myself, but then another nightmare intruded in 2010. Reality once again reared its ugly head, and I was not ready.
I suddenly lost my job, and the prospects of finding another were bleak, and I would soon enough find myself on the long hellish highway toward foreclosure. No job, and now my home probably headed for the auction block as well, what to do, what to do was the question I asked myself repeatedly.
The first thing I did however, when I lost my job was to purchase two years of food, freeze dried food to be exact. If nothing else we would be able to eat if I couldn’t find work. The harsh reality is that disaster can strike at anytime. Disasters are not some abstract event that only happens to others. It can happen in your own home, next door and down the block. It happens and it happened to me.
That day I decided I was going to start prepping, because it was not a matter of if anymore, but simply a matter of when, the next disaster intruded upon our lives, and I needed to be prepared this time.
You Have To Face Reality
I signed up for unemployment, it was a matter of survival after all, When unemployment ran out I refused to sign up for food stamps. I sold off 90 percent of what I had left as far as belongings, keeping just a few essentials, instead of asking for welfare. This kept the heat and the lights on and allowed me to gather the daily basics, for a time anyway.
I asked for help and my church answered in the best way possible. They offered me food, which helped drastically. However, this was a wakeup call for me. I went and asked for God’s help and he answered, and because of my need at the time I realized I too needed to offer my help, so that’s when I started
I needed a way to help others, to get the word out, to let people know you have to be ready, you have to prepare, and that disasters come in all shapes and sizes and you cannot be caught off guard as I was.
Being unemployed left me more time to think, and I realized rather abruptly that this nation is in trouble, we have problems serious ones. Too many of us are so caught up in our daily lives we really don’t see the forest for the trees. We have problems in this country and it doesn’t take much pondering to see just how bad it really is, just raise your heads up, and you will see.
An 18 trillion dollar debt, mass shootings it seems are common place now, civil unrest, a volatile financial market, a nuclear North Korea and terrorist organizations taking over whole countries. Iran is doing all it can to go nuclear and the list of problems goes on, and the ones listed are just the ones on a national or worldwide scale. What about the problems within communities that only those living there know about.
A New Life
All this thinking led me to one conclusion, I cannot live in a heavily populated area, I cannot be confined, trapped if you will, when the SHTF. We had to get out, and no better time to do so than right now I thought. I had become a Prepper and as a Prepper we recognize the threat and we develop countermeasures, my plan right now called for us to leave this metropolitan area, and so we did.
Foreclosures were at an all time high so I had time, and I took advantage of this time. The courts were backed up, backed up three years in fact, and so I had three years of not paying rent, so I used this to my advantage. The Prepper mindset, find a way to use a situation to benefit you, to help you survive.
We could no longer afford to live in the state of Connecticut. The politicians in my opinion took advantage of the horrific Sandy Hook shooting. They demanded undefined action from whom no one knows, but it fell on the shoulders of the citizens. The political class, from here to Washington used this event to try and take away more and more of our freedoms, so it was an easy decision, well maybe not easy, but the events unfolding made it easier lets say, to let the bank have my house. Then we planned and we saved and we planned some more.
It was hard work, we sacrificed and lived like hermits for three years, but survival is all about sustaining life by virtually any means possible. Once we stopped the movies out, the dinners out and listed exactly what we needed daily to survive, my fiancée and I realized, we can do this.
Where to Go Now That the Decision to Leave Was Made
We looked south to the Appalachian Mountains. Homes there were considerably less expensive than here, but that did not mean they were of lesser quality or size. The market was simply cheaper, because it was not a heavily populated area. People were not rushing there to buy a house, so the demand was less, and thus, the prices were more reasonable, and as a bonus the taxes were much less as well.
Read more at Prepforshtf
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