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The great debate: can alternative energy replace fossil fuels?

Let both sides weigh in on this debate: can fossil fuels ever be replaced?
Fossil fuels are not that old of an energy source. There was alternative energy before and there will be alternative energy later.
But as it is, the industrial world has customized itself to utilizing fossil fuels.
Here to begin the debate is a debate run at AlternativeEnergy where you can see more.
PRO (yes) 
Richard Heinberg, MA, Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, stated the following in his Feb. 22, 2016 article titled “100% Renewable Energy: What We Can Do in 10 Years,” published by Yes! Magazine:
“It will take at least three decades to completely leave behind fossil fuels. But we can do it…
But the transition will entail costs—not just money and regulation, but also changes in our behavior and expectations. It will probably take at least three or four decades, and will fundamentally change the way we live…
Nearly everyone agrees that the easiest way to kick-start the transition would be to replace coal with solar and wind power for electricity generation…
The collective weight of these challenges and opportunities suggests that a truly all-renewable economy may be very different from the American economy we know today.
The renewable economy will likely be slower and more local; it will probably be a conserver economy rather than a consumer economy. It will also likely feature far less economic inequality.”
CON (no)
Robert Lyman, Principal at ENTRANS Policy Research Group, Inc., stated the following in his May 2016 report titled “Why Renewable Energy Cannot Replace Fossil Fuels by 2050,” published by Friends of Science:
“Oil provides 95% of the fuel demands of the transportation sector…
Every transport mode – cars, trucks, trains, buses, marine vessels, and aircraft – relies almost entirely on petroleum fuels. Only natural gas liquids and, in recent years as the result of regulated fuel mandates, ethanol – have made small inroads in the dominant share held by oil. Further, on the basis of the projections by all major agencies that analyze energy supply and demand trends to 2035 and 2040, this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future…
Proponents of the all-renewable future seem to be stuck in a time warp. For them, it is still 2014, oil prices are still close to $130 per barrel, and natural gas and coal prices are surging. In such a world, it may be easier to make the case that renewables will become far more competitive sooner.
The reality, of course, is that the decline of international oil prices to the range of $40 per barrel and the dramatic slumps in natural gas and coal prices in many areas (especially North America), has meant that these hydrocarbons are far better placed to compete with alternative energy sources.”
What is more efficient:

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